Fees and Commissions

Acceptable Works

Paintings Only will be accepted, subject to The Bayside Art Show normal selection process

Number of Works

The Artist may submit for consideration any number of works, however the selection panel,
who’s decision will be final, will determine which works (up to 4 from one artist) will be displayed.

Size of Paintings

Maximum size of submitted works cannot exceed 1400 mm (1.4 M) on any one side (incl. Frame if any)

Three size groups and accompanying entry fee will be as follows and not to exceed:

Small Size 1000mm (1.0 M) combine length of two adjacent sides (Frame or not)
eg. 500mmx 500mm or 400mm x 600mm or 700mm x 300mm, etc.
Med Size 1600mm (1.6 M) combined length of two adjacent sides (Frame or not)
eg. 800mm x 800mm or 1000mm x 600mm or 900mm x 700mm, etc.
Large Size 2800mm (2.8M) combined length of two adjacent sides (Frame or not)
eg. 1400mm x 1400mm or 1600mm x 1200mm or 1800mm x 1000mm, etc.

Bayside Art Show - Entry Fees and Commissions

Fee Category

Registration / Entry Fee per Art Work (non refundable GST free)

Physical Art Show $5.00 per work
Virtual Show Only $4.00 per work
Both Physical and Virtual $7.00 per work

Acceptance Fee for works chosen to be displayed

Small $15.00 per work
Medium $25.00 per work
Large $35.00 per work
Virtual Art Show (on-line) Any work selected a flat fee charge $15.00 per work

Standard Commission Charge levied on sale price of all works: 30%

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